Energy = Jobs

Energy = Jobs

Pennsylvania is poised once again to be the energy capital of the nation. Our abundant natural resources, sound public policies, favorable business climate, skilled workforce and commitment to competitive markets are second to none.

— Tom Corbett, Governor

A National Leader in Energy

  • 2nd in the nation for electricity generation
  • 2nd in the nation for nuclear generation
  • 2nd largest energy field in the world
  • 2nd in the nation for natural gas production

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A Diverse Energy Portfolio

Pennsylvania’s energy portfolio includes an abundance of natural resources made possible by a diverse landscape like no other. Pennsylvania’s energy portfolio is one of the most distinct in the world.

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World-Class Workforce

Pennsylvania is committed to providing trained professionals for available jobs through statewide initiatives. Growing by more than 43,000 the last three years, Pennsylvania’s labor force tops 6.4 million, larger than the population of 33 U.S. states.

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Governor Corbett’s Energy Plan

Energy = Jobs is a serious commitment in Pennsylvania.

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For any business, energy costs are an important part of your budget. Pennsylvania’s abundant natural resources and competitive energy markets can put your business ahead in today’s global economy. Significant growth markets are nearby as Pennsylvania lies within a day’s drive of 60% of North America’s population.

To help capture these markets, Pennsylvania’s diverse and abundant resources offer nearly endless opportunity due to affordable and less volatile energy prices. Jobs and capital are mobile in today’s competitive marketplace. We understand this and are committed to winning your investment and helping you succeed.

The energy to innovate. The energy to create. The energy to make today’s opportunity tomorrow’s reality.

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